OnTripquest is an application owned by OnTripquest Joint Stock Company.

OnTripquest is a city exploration platform. We offer Quests which are private tours in game form.

Together with your family, lover or friends, you will play real-world challenges to explore hidden gems of cities. The app will guide you, it’ll be fun, interactive, informative and contactless.

After checking in the starting point, you will follow clues, crack codes and solve riddles by searching for interesting things at the attractions around the cities. Then you can unlock local unique stories and learn a lot.

Every quest offers a different concept which takes you on a role-playing tour with a specific mission. As a spy, you go on a walking tour to rescue the city from some kind of disaster. Or being a judge of a cooking competition, you join a food tour. Sometimes you go back in time to uncover a hidden historical secret...

Currently, our quests are available in Vietnam. We will create more content for other countries soon.

Every city has amazing stories to tell. Let's explore in a different way!