OnTripquest is a self-guided city exploration tour platform. Users will participate in solving mysteries, overcoming challenges to complete their wonderful trips. The rewards users receive are unique stories and interesting knowledge about those hidden germs.

Before using OnTripquest products and services, users should read the following Terms and Conditions:

1.    Definitions

-    App: OnTripquest mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play.

-    Web: OnTripquest website is available at https://ontripquest.com, https://ontripquest.com.vn, https://ontripquest.net, https://ontripquest.vn, https://ontripquest.info, https://ontripquest.asia.

-    Quest: A digital self-guided tour which can be explored by transforming into a specific character, solving clues and uncovering interesting stories in real places.

-    Clue: Text or text with picture that contains mandatory information for completing a Quest.

-    Hint: Text or text with picture that contains additional information for completing a Quest.

-    User: Organization or Individual that uses OnTripquest's products and services.

2.    Privacy

With all of our capabilities, OnTripquest always strives to secure all user information.

Please also read the OnTripquest Privacy Policy.

3.    Intellectual property rights

OnTripquest website and mobile application are owned only by OnTripquest Joint Stock Company.

All information and materials, including: software, text, data, graphics, images, logos, trademarks, icons, stories, quests,... and other elements contained on the website and mobile application are prohibited from being copied, duplicated, or altered in any way beyond the scope of these website and mobile application without the written consent of OnTripquest.

Any organization or individual that infringes upon intellectual property rights must be held responsible before the Law; at the same time, must compensate for the losses that OnTripquest suffers in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese Law on Intellectual Property as well as the Civil Law.

4.    Information

OnTripquest is committed to doing our best to ensure that all information displayed on the OnTripquest website and mobile application in the form of text, image, video, audio, etc. is accurate.

However, OnTripquest does not warrant that all information provided is completely accurate, and free of any error all the time. Therefore, OnTripquest reserves the right to disclaim any warranty or liability with respect to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of all content posted above. In case of detecting false or confusing information, users should immediately notify OnTripquest for updating, ensuring user rights and interests.

In cases where there are changes due to market reasons, economic conditions, environmental impacts, human impacts, or force majeure events caused by nature that may lead to information being incorrect. If the information provided is incorrect or incorrect with the current lookup time, when any problems arise, as soon as the updated information is received, OnTripquest will promptly update the information.

5.    Disclaimer

OnTripquest's liability is limited to providing access to OnTripquest's mobile application and website.

Whether human or technical, OnTripquest makes no declarations or warranties that:

-    The functions, services and safety features offered at the OnTripquest website and mobile application will not be interrupted or operate without errors. However, the OnTripquest team is committed to always making efforts and is always ready to overcome disruptions and provide the best possible support, adjustments, and fixings to quickly recover the system.

-    Due to many external factors and impacts that are not owned or controlled by OnTripquest, OnTripquest does not warrant that all of the destinations on the trip are risk-free (e.g. rainstorms, robbery, etc.). Therefore, under no circumstances shall OnTripquest be liable for any damage or loss that may result from visiting such locations. The user is solely responsible for his or her entire journey.

6.    Third Party Services

When using the links to access our Third Parties’ websites or mobile applications, the user understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of those Third Parties and agrees to share the information and data necessary to use the services of them.

OnTripquest only shares information and data that the user has agreed to share and is necessary for the Third Party to be able to provide the services.

7.    Right to modify Terms and Conditions

By accessing and/or using the OnTripquest website and mobile application, the user acknowledges that he or she has read, understood, and agreed to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Based on the current situation, OnTripquest may change and adjust these Terms and Conditions and publish it on the system. Users can view updated information at any time at https://OnTripquest.com.

If the user continues to access and/or use the OnTripquest website and mobile application, it means that the user accepts and definitively agrees to comply with the latest Terms and Conditions.

Sincerely, thank you.