Anecdotes of old Saigon billionaires

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You are a startup entrepreneur.
Your business has been badly damaged by the pandemic of the century and you are trying to revive the company. One evening, you drink alcohol to drown your sorrow. You are too drunk that you fall asleep on the side of the road.
By chance, you become a gem seeker. Meeting old Saigon billionaires, learning their spirit of to overcome difficulties and build their fortunes from empty hands, learning their ingenious business stories and decoding the city's secrets, you will find the lost gems of the city. Once the gems are garthered, the city will be flourishing more and shining forever.
And you? Find your own entrepreneurial inspiration!

Covid-19 Precautions:
The tour takes place outdoors and you have no contact with anyone.


1.6 km




120 mins

Available time

7:00 AM -10:00 PM

  • Check in more than 100-year-old architectural works around the city center area.
  • Learn anecdotes about Saigon billionaires in the 19th - 20th centuries.
  • Settling with the old features that have gone into the past.
Cool tips
  • The tour is suitable for team building. You should invite friends to join.
  • The tour is suitable for walking to have the best experience.
  • You can travel by other means, however, please note that the locations on Nguyen Hue Street are in the opposite direction of the vehicles.
  • Park your car/motorbike at the side of Ho Chi Minh City Post Office.
150.000 đ per guest
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80 reviews
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Phú Nguyễn

chưa hiểu tại sao con sư tử gác cổng là bên phải ?

12 months ago
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chuyến đi thú vị

12 months ago
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chí phong hứa
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